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Ecoearth solutions, a division of Chemtreat India Ltd. Is a venture into manufacturing and development of structural core materials & composite sandwich panels for applications in various sectors such as defense, aerospace, infrastructure and marine and many others. Our Company has set up first of its kind state of art facilities to manufacture Aluminum honeycomb cores & panels, glass-fiber honeycomb structures & phenolic foams to produce panels with customized skin for mechanical & aesthetic properties.

Cores used in a sandwich panel construction are specified to increase stiffness and reduce the weight of a composite structure achieving high strength to weight ratio materials.

Eco Comb is a range of sandwich core materials to fit various specifications or application requirements. With versatile characteristics like light-weight with high mechanical properties, excellent corrosion resistance and rapid installation capabilities, these panels have various advantages over conventional material.

Sandwich construction provides an efficient use of the materials and utilization of each component to its ultimate limit. The sandwich structure offers also very high stiffness-to-weight ratio. It enhances the flexural rigidity of a structure without adding a substantial weight therefore it provides significant advantageous in comparison to the use of the material alone for structural system. Sandwich constructions have superior fatigue strength and excellent acoustical and thermal insulation.

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