EcoEarth Solutions

Aluminium Honeycomb Core

Composed of multi-layer aluminum foil; honeycomb is formed after the expansion. It has sharp & clear hole surface & is suitable for adhering to high grade plate.

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Foam Sandwich Panels

A combination of structural foam core material with various skin combinations such as fire resistant/ fir proof MGO Boards or Polymer Matrix Composite skins and many others.

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Remiloc - Structural Adhesive

Structural adhesives are chosen for a multitude of assembly operations. Unlike mechanical fastening methods, they don't damage substrates.

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About Us

EcoEarth solutions, Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Panels Manufacturer, a division of Chemtreat India Ltd. has ventured into manufacturing and development of structural core materials & composite sandwich panels for applications in various sectors such as defense, aerospace, infrastructure and marine and many others. Our Company has set up first of its kind state of art facilities to manufacture honeycomb aluminum panels & aluminum honeycomb cores, glass-fiber honeycomb structures & phenolic foams to produce panels with customized skin for mechanical & aesthetic properties.

khopoli plant aluminium honeycomb
aluminium honeycomb features

ECOCOMB aluminium honeycomb panels are 100% made in India, has a fire rating A certification, has unmatched strength, flatness, rigidity, resistance to corrosion, chemicals and is recyclable.

Types of Aluminium Honeycomb Panels