3D Glass Fiber Sandwich Panels

3D glass fabric is a new material, which consists of two deck layers bonded together by vertical piles; these piles are woven into the deck layers thus forming an integral sandwich structure. Warp direction shows 8 –shape as a typical structure characteristic.

It represents a strong design ability, piles density (both in x and y directions), the height of the piles, the types and thickness of Glass fibers all could be designed, based on this, it could be developed to a variety of products with different performances and functions according to customers’ specific requirements. It has a series of advantages like light-weight, corrosion resistance, high specific strength and modulus, high impact damage tolerance etc. It is a new type of energy-saving, environment-friendly reinforcement with high-tech content.

3D Glass Fiber Sandwich panels are available in many thicknesses and widths and we are happy to customize our 3D Glass to meet your business and technical requirements. We are also specialized in the production and development of epoxy and polyester resins. We can help you choose the best resin system to meet your needs or we can develop customized resin systems that can give you the technical and commercial advantages you require.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent drapeability
  • Easy Application & Installation
  • Reduction of labour cost
  • Greater tensile strength than pre - cast concrete - yet only 20% of the weight
  • No de-lamination
  • Complies with Class O fire rating